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Naadam Festival Tour
Naadam Festival
Naadam Festival TourNaadam Festival Tour
Naadam Festival Tour

Naadam Festival is the biggest and most colorful event celebrated nation wide in 11-13 of July of every year. Originated as training for Mongolian cavalry in 13th century Chingis Khaan wanted to be his solders fit and ready for battle at all time. So he summoned everyone to participate for horse racing wrestling and archery. Now these three are the major event of the festival.

Horse race takes place out of town for a straight line racing. There will be 6 different races depending on horse ages. Not only it’s distance (11-32km) but also number horses in one race will make you really impressed. For the state Naadam Festival celebrated in Ulaanbaatar last year had 600- 700 horses in each race. And you can imagine even more number of people and horses not participating actual race, which makes the site more than spectacular.

Wrestling tend to be one of most popular sport in Mongolia. Mongolian national wrestlers are respected and recognized that some of them are sitting in the parliament. Despite of its’ technique and way they wrestled their unique clothing and powerful eagle dances make Mongolian wrestling far more distinguished than any other related sports.

Archery. However Naadam Festival is called The Three Manly Sports among Mongolians there is women participants for archery. Women shoot 40 arrows from the distance of 65m, while men are shooting from distance of 75m with the same amount of arrows.


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DepartureUlaanbaatarTour CodeETR-06
Travel duration3 Night 4 Day Tour dateJune through September
How to Bookby internetTour price0 US$
Minimum pax2-up to 15Tour leaderEnglish speaking guide

Arrive in Ulaanbaatar. Our staff will meet you and transfer to the hotel. After having some rest, sightseeing in the city. Visit to National History Museum, Natural History Museum and Gandan lamasery.
TSee opening ceremony of Naadam festival. Go around Stadium; enjoy Ankle bone shooting, wrestling and archery.
In the morning drive to Khui Doloo Khudag for seeing horse racing. In the evening enjoy Mongolian folklore concert. Farewell dinner hosted by our company. Visit to herdsmen tent.
Our staff will see you off
Tour price 0 US$

* Flower or same ranked hotels.
• it will be as written on the itinerary or in other case will be same ranked different hotel.
• Extra charge is 60$ for traveler who wants to stay alone at the hotel.
• The Ger for 3-4 guests. In the most case travelers will stay according to beds.
• English language guide will serve.
• Transportation will be for number of travelers and tour.
• The itinerary may change from some cases such us flight delay or cancel and natural disasters.
• You can extend the tour and build a tour yourself. In this case please Contact us.

About late booking

• Make booking at least 5 working days before the tour starts.
• If less, you need to give your contact details, that we can reach you anytime and anywhere. In this case, you must remember that you are within cancellation penalty of 50-100 % of full fare fee.

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