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Harhorin & Gobi Desert Tour
Harhorin ancient capital city-South Gobi
Harhorin & Gobi Desert TourHarhorin & Gobi Desert Tour
Harhorin & Gobi Desert Tour

 Erdene Zuu Monastery: founded 1586 by Altai Khaan, Erdene Zuu (Hundred Treasures) was the first Buddhist Monastery in Mongolia. It had between 60 and 100 temples, about 300 gers inseide the walls, at its peak, up to 1000 monks in residence. The monastery was destroyed by Stalinist purges of 1937. All but three of the temples in Erdene Zuu were destroyed and an unknown number of monks were either killer or shipped off to Siberia and never heard from again. However, a surprising number of statues, Tsam masks and Tangkas were saved from the monastery from the time of purges. The items were buried in nearby mountains, or stored in local homes.

Gobi Gurvan Saikhan National Park: Gurvan Saikhan (Three beauties)is named after its three ridges. Besides its spectacular natural beauty it contains more than 200 bird species, including the Mongolian desert finch, cinereous vulture, desert warbler and houbara bustard. Spring brings further waves of migratory birds. There are numerous types of animals in the national park, such as the black-tailed gazelle, Kozlov’s pygmy jerboa, wild ass and endangered species of wild camel, snow leopard, and ibex and argali sheep. With its iconic sand dunes, ice canyon, striped badlands and stunning mountain vistas this is understandably one of Mongolia’s most popular national parks.

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DepartureUlaanbaatarTour CodeETR-04
Travel duration10 Night 11 Day Tour date
How to Bookby internetTour price0 US$
Minimum pax2-up to 15Tour leaderEnglish speaking guide

Arrive in Ulaanbaatar. Our staff will meet you and transfer to the hotel. After having some rest, sightseeing in the city. Visit to National History Museum, Natural History Museum and Gandan lamasery.
2.Khustai NP
After breakfast drive to Khustai Nuruu National Park to see Prezewalski wild horses-Takhi in the nature. If we have luck we have great chance to see other wild animals such as wolves, deer, gazelles,…
Tourist camp
Drive to Harhorin ancient capital city of Mongolia. Visit to Erdene Zuu Monastery. The monastery was founded in 1586, by Altai Khaan, Erdene zuu (hundred treasures) was the first Buddhist monastery in Mongolia. It had between 60and 100 temples, about 300 gers inside the walls and, at its peak, up to 1000 monks in residence.
Tourist camp
4.Orkhon waterfall
In the morning we will start driving to magnificent Orkhon waterfall.
Tourist camp
5.Ongi Monastery
After having breakfast start driving to Ongi Monatery. This small mountainous area along the Ongiin gol in the western sum of Saikhan Ovoo makes a pleasant place to break a trip between southern Gobi and Ulaanbaatar. The bend in the river marks the remains of two ruined monasteries, the Barlim Khiid on the north bank, and the Khutagt Khiid on the south.
Tourist camp
Driving through semi-desert landscape to the famous Flaming Cliffs - Bayanzag. An introduction to Mongolian paleontology. Drive around the flaming cliff towards undulating sand dunes. It is an oasis-like formation with green vegetation predominantly of saxaul and poplar.
Tourist camp
7.Khongor dunes
In the morning we will start tour ahead Singing Dunes /Khongoryn Els/. Khongoryn als are some of the largest and most spectacular sans dunes in Mongolia. They are up to 300m high, 12km wide and about 100km long.
Tourist camp
8.Khongor dunes
Stay at the dunes. Today we will visit nomadic family and enjoy their daily life. Short camel riding trip to the dunes. Sun rise and sun set from the dunes will be most unforgettable memory.
Tourist camp
9.Yoliin am
After having breakfast drive to Yoliin Am (Vulture’s Mouth) was originally established to conserve the birdlife in the region, but it is now more famous for its dramatic and very unusual scenery-it is a valley in the middle of the Gobi Desert, with meters-thick ice for most of the year.
Tourist camp
Drive to South Gobi. Fly to Ulaanbaatar
In the evening we will enjoy Mongolian traditional folklore concert. Farewell dinner hosted by our company.
Tour price 0 US$

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• The Ger for 2-3 guests. In the most case travelers will stay according to beds.
• English language guide will serve.
• Transportation will according to the number of travelers on the tour.
• The itinerary may change from some cases such us flight delay or cancel and natural disasters.
• You can extend the tour and build a tour yourself as you want. In this case please Contact us.

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