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Eastern Mongolia Tour
Eastern Mongolia TourEastern Mongolia Tour
Eastern Mongolia Tour

Eastern Mongolia: consists of a horizon less expanse of steppe or grassland. On entering this landscape, the visitor is struck by the tremendous diversity of the scenery, flora and fauna. There are meandering rivers; large wetland areas punctuated by beautiful lakes; swathes of multicolored wild flowers; huge herds of white-tailed gazelle; and nearly 330 bird species including the rare white-napped crane and birds of prey such as eagles and hawks. Nomadic herdsmen's camps dot the landscape, unchanged since the days of Chinggis Khan. The unique tapestry of this land is rendered complete by its many ancient monuments, ruins and relics which give the visitor a unique insight into the rich history of this fascinating country.

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DepartureUlaanbaatarTour CodeBT-05
Travel duration8 Night 9 Day Tour dateMay-September
How to Bookby internetTour price0 US$
Minimum pax2 and upTour leaderEnglish speaking guide

Arrive in Ulaanbaatar. Our staff will meet you and transfer to the guest house
Guest House
2.Har zurkh mountain
After having breakfast drive to Khar Zurkh Blue Lake. The lake, located in front of Zurkh Mountain, is summer residence place for Chinggis Khan and his royals. Here Chinggis Khan was married with Burtu -his first wife, Trekking along the bank of river, Hiking to Khar Zurkh Mountain is possible.Khar
3.Beereven Hiid
Drive to Khangal lake and cross the green valley with smooth hills. Trip to Bereeven Buddhist Temple, where Chinggis Khan was battling against several big tribes from Mongolian origin, Explore the temple ruins, which was built in 1784 and damaged in purge's period.
4.Uglugch Kherem
Drive to Bider Khoshuu, Explore Spring rock, Explore 2 deer monuments and 12 square tombs in Batshireet village area, Uzuur Tokhio rock paintings of seals belonging to ancient tribes dated to New stone age, Trip to Rashaan Had Rock, where are numerous carvings and paintings depicting animals and human, and scripts. After lunch explore undiscovered Oglogch Stone wall, which was built by carefully placing pieces of stone with each other.
5.Deluun Boldog
In the morning drive to Khorhunag Jibur site, where Chinggis started his friendship with Jamukha duke, also Mongolian Buddhism first leader Zanabazar stayed here as summer residence. After lunch drive to Deluun Boldog, Explore the birthplace of Chinggis Khan and memorial monument for Chinggis Khan.
6.Khunnu Tombs
Drive to explore Khunnu tomb dated to III B.C, There are 200 tombs in the pine tree forest, visit to nomadic family.
7.Khuduu Aral
Drive Khodoo Aral Site, where Mongolian Secret History was started to be written, Explore Aurag ord place, where Chiggis khan first capital was established.
Drive back to Ulaanbaatar.
Guest House
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• high standard guest house • The tents will be for 2-3 guests. In the most case travelers will stay according to tent capacity. • English language guide will serve. • Transportation will according to the number of travelers on the tour. • The itinerary may change from some cases such us flight delay or cancel and natural disasters. • You can extend the tour and build a tour yourself as you want. In this case please Contact us.

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