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Umnugobi Returns to UB
2011 year 05 month 31 day :

Umnugobi’s Cultural Days are being organized in Ulaanbaatar after 25 discontented years for the arrival of Umnugobi people in UB.
The Cultural Days began with the opening of a Gobi Partnership-2011 exhibition in Sukhbaatar Square on May 29th. Numerous companies who run businesses in Umnugobi presented their products and activities.

Umniin Tsenkher Gobi,  a painting and ethnographic exhibition by Gobi craftsmen and artists was held on 29-30th of May in the Modern Art Gallery. This exhibition was unique due to the displays of 150 year old Noyon Servee style silver arts.

The exposition was composed of around 400 artifacts.

Altan Gobyn Ayalguu,  a series of three concerts will between May 29th – 31st, , involve  Umnugobi natives such as the famous morin khuur player and Honored Artist of Buryat Ts.Tserendorj  alongside the National Folk Song and Dance Ensemble, the Army Ensemble and many other professional artists and groups.
A wrestling tournament has been organized in the Mongolian National Wrestling Palace at 2pm on May 31st.

A total of 256 province and army ranked wrestlers competed in memory of the Umnugobi wrestler G.Demuul Khurts Arslan (Lion, a title conferred upon the Champion wrestler of province or in national competition).

Source: ubpost.mongolnews.mn

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