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Bold Launches Mongolian Pop
2011 year 05 month 31 day :

The founder of a new music genre of Mongolian Pop, the R&B singer D.Bold has announced the commencement of a Mongolian Pop project.

To launch the scheme he is planning to perform in the Great Hall of State Palace on June 4th – but to emphasise the cultural heritage he wants the opening ceremony to be furnished with, not the Western red carpet, but white felt in the traditional way.

Mongolians have used white felt for their state ceremonies since the era of Chinggis Khaan and Bold is returning to ritual as part of a promotion of the glory days of Mongolia. Furthermore, it will be Mongolian traditional craftsmen who will create the white felt carpet.

About 800 guests from various sectors of political, business, sporting and cultural life will arrive for this White Felt Ceremony.

Bold is advertising the venture with a video for every song in his Mongolian Pop album and he will sing all these songs live. Alongside him the Horse Head Fiddle band, the State Symphony Orchestra, dancers of the State Opera and Ballet Theater, the Shurankhai folk group and Three Girls group will perform.

Bold began his career as a member of the Mongolian traditional-pop group Camerton, who were a hit in the 1990s and still have loyal fans today, evident by their 15th anniversary reunion last August.

In an interview with the UB Post then, their lead singer Medee described their development as a band. “If you are a 30-something Mongolian, growing up in Ulaanbaatar, chances are the soundtrack of your youth was sung by Camerton.

The vastly popular ‘boy band’ transcends the moniker, by paving the way for future Mongolian musicians soon after the fall of communism. They were the right sound, at the right time to help usher Mongolian music to the modern era,” commented the interviewer before she began.

“At that time, we didn’t have so many ‘modern’ bands, just traditional music. We performed for the students at our college. Time was very good to us. Our ‘a cappella’ style was a fresh new sound, in Mongolian music, and people accepted us quickly. We changed our style.

Mongolia has become more open as a country, and we are able to choose the direction our music will take freely. We have more access to global information, and the freedom to choose our musical direction.

Our style is changing with the times. Our first two albums were very near the ‘classical’ Mongolian style.

For our latest albums, we followed R&B and pop/ soul style.

Until today, we were looking only forward, but now we want to revisit our past.

We are thinking we must blend traditional Mongolian music, with our modern sound. We want make new music using traditional Mongolian instruments and love songs.

But how?” It seems that Bold’s recent project is an attempt to answer that old Mongolian question his bandmate Medee had posed.

Source: ubpost.mongolnews.mn

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