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Steppe Nomads tourist camp
Gun Galuut Nature Reserve
Steppe Nomads tourist campSteppe Nomads tourist camp
Steppe Nomads tourist camp

Camp official address:

Steppe Nomand tourist

Tuv prefecture, Bayandelger sum

Steppe Nomads eco resort was opened 2004, on the west bank of the beautiful river Kherlen in amazing Gun-Galuut Nature Reserve-home for many endangered and rare species of wildlife and birds.
The resort serves up to 70 guests at a time with 20well-settled, traditionally decorated, authentic nomadic dwelling ger, and natural wooden houses with fireplace. You will taste the best steppe delicacies at our restaurant and enjoy cold beer&good barbeque at our beer& barbeque garden. Our little guests love spending their time at the sand ground by the river. As an eco resort Steppe Nomads uses solar & wind energy and has deep artificial well water resource. We are delighted to welcome amd treat you with respect and pleasure.