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When is the best time to come to Mongolia?
May to September is the best season, with the peak season in July for the Naadam Festival. July and August are also the wettest months of the year, but be assured; our climate is such that you will still have many sunny days at this time.

What luggage will I take?
It is a good idea to bring another smaller bag so that unwanted clothes can be kept in it at the hotel when you go on trek. This also helps to keep city clothes clean and free from dust. You should also bring a small day pack which can be carried while hiking or riding or can be readily accessible when you are travelling in the vehicles on long drives. It should be noted that the luggage limit per person on MIAT domestic flights is 10 kg per person. For every kg over 10 kg it is USD1 per kg to the Gobi and Central Provinces and USD2 to the west.

What will I pack?
On camping trips all equipment will be provided. You do not need to provide any other camping gear only personal belongings. We can provide travelers with a rough guide of things that you will need to pack for your trip to Mongolia. This list may not suit everyone's needs but it can be adapted to personal requirements or the type of trip that you are planning to take. Please ask us.

Who will lead my trip?
Mongolian roads are often very bad, constantly changing or disappear altogether due to bad weather. Bridges in remote areas are almost non-existent. There are no road signs in Mongolia and the only way drivers are able to ascertain the current road condition is to stop and ask the locals which they will do on some occasions. There are some paved roads in the countryside but due to the large potholes it is often more comfortable driving on a dirt road.

Accommodation is in the traditional Mongolian dwelling, a ger, or lightweight three-man tents and will be specified in the itinerary. The Ger camps provide basic but comfortable accommodation. There are basic showers and washing facilities available and hot water is supplied to all gers. The ger camps provide all bedding and clients will not be expected to bring their own sleeping bags if they are staying in the ger camps. The tents are either 2 or 3 person tents. As far as possible we provide clients travelling alone with their own tent. A sleeping mat will be provided to each person staying in a tent but clients are asked to bring their own sleeping bags.

What about the food on the trip?
The food on camping trips is from the best produce available and the menus are possibly the most varied you will find in Mongolia. Mongolia is a meat eating country but vegetarians can be catered for, however, we require as much notice as possible. Our cooks are all Mongolian and they have a wealth of experience in catering to the western traveler. You will also eat some Mongolian food on trips. We try to buy as much produce as possible from local people although there is not a lot of variety. Alcohol is not provided on the treks but clients are free to bring their own.
On trips staying in ger camps the food is provided by the camp. Again the cooks are Mongolian but the food tends to be a little less varied with a strong emphasis on meat, rice, pasta and potatoes. Again vegetarians can be catered for.

Will I be able to speak english or any other languages to locals?
The official and spoken language of the country is Mongolian. Many people have Russian as their second language as they were taught this at schools. An increasing number of people are now also speaking English and German moe younger generation.
It is appreciated by locals if travelers learn some basic Mongolian before their trip. A few words are surprisingly easy to master and will help tremendously in communicating with local people.

What visa requirements are there?
Your passport should have 6 months validity after departure the country, and you will also need a visa depending on your nationality. Visas are available from the Mongolian embassy or consulate in your country. One month visas can be obtained on arrival at the Chinggis Khan International Airport– you will need an official confirmated invitation letter from Steppes Journey if you choose above option. Please contact us and get more information from our visa section at the website. 


Is it possible to choose Guide who I want to get?
Yes, of course. It is possible if the Guide is free during your tour in Mongolia.

Can you help to find different language Guide who is not in your Guide list?

We always ready to help to all who apply to our website. When we receive your request we will look for the Guide who you want to get. We will give quick reply to you.

Can I stay alone at the Ger?

Mostly, the Ger is for 2-3 guests. But if you want, you can stay alone with additional charge. It will depend on the tourist camps. Go to the Tourist camp list and see the additional charges. But sometimes, if there are many guests at same time, it will not possible to stay alone at the Ger. Please contact us. 

I never rode a horse. Can I try to ride a horse without any experience?

Yes, you can. Because you will ride gentle horse and the groom will look after you when you ride.

Need I take spray for worms and insects?

You need to take that kind of spray. Because there are some kind of mosquito, flies and etc… in the countryside when you are travelling.


 Is the Room price or Single price?
This is room price which includes VAT and breakfast. Guest will pay other additional prices for mini bar, laundry etc… If you will share the room with somebody, the price will be divided.

When I go out can I save my luggage in safety box? In this case, should I pay additional charge?

If you want you can leave your luggage into safety box which is in the Receptionist desk. You should not pay any additional charge. But you need to keep the important documents such as passport, tickets etc… in yourself.

Can I book a room in different hotel which is not in your Hotel list?

We will be happy to help you. So it is possible to book a room in the hotel which you want to stay. Please send email with your request to us. We will give you quick reply.

Will you send voucher to the guest after booking?

We will send a copy of Confirmation booking list by email and you need to print it and show to the Reception with your passport when you check in.


 I would like to book a seat in Domestic flight. How to book and what kind of payment condition do you have?
It is easy to book. Just follow the following steps:
1. Send your inquiry with details such as date, how many tickets you need, where to go etc to us.
2. Transfer 100% payment to account number which we will send you by email.
3. After transfer full payment the tickets will be confirmed.
4. You come to office and get the ticket or we will deliver to you when you are in Ulaanbaatar.

 Is it need to call and confirm back date to Air ticket agent when I got in Mongolia?

Yes, need to call and confirm your date that you depart.

 What does air ticket’s price include?

 It includes all kind of departure taxes. 

 If passenger is sick or something happened, in this case Is it possible to change name that written on the ticket?
No, it is not possible.