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Tips for Travelers

• Don’t whistle inside a yurt (ger) or house belonging to a Mongolian
• Don’t let your feet point in the direction of the altar (which will be in the north side) when sitting in a yurt (ger),
• Don’t let people walk over your outstretched legs tread on the threshold of the yurt (ger), when you walk over it
• Don’t lean against a support column furniture or wall of the ger stamp out a fire or put water or any rubbish on it; fire is sacred
• Don’t walk in front of an older person
• Don’t turn your back to the altar and religious objects at the back of the ger
• Don’t have long conversations in your own language in front of hosts who don’t understand it
• Don’t point a knife in the direction of anyone (well should we say that?)
• Don’t pass anything to a Mongolian with just two fingers
• Be careful when you are in public areas such as market, shopping centers, museums and theatres, and also on public transport.
• If you have lost anything or had something stolen you should report it immediately to the nearest police station or police officer.
• It is better buy souvenirs, precious things, and cashmere and leather goods in shops and not from street vendors and get a receipt and custom certificate from the shop.
• Please, do not walk around suburbs and dark places in Ulaanbaatar after 23.00 hours. If you do go out to nightclubs or bars leave   your valuables in a safe place.
• In the countryside you should carry your own first aid kit and any necessary medicines. Also take some canned and packaged        food from Ulaanbaatar and other larger settlements.
• Although there are fresh water rivers in Mongolia, you should drink purified or boiled water.
• Do not litter the surroundings and always carry a bag for rubbish when traveling in the countryside. Do not harm the environment,    flora and fauna.
• Do not take photos or videos of anything or anyone without permission.
• Do not make a loud noise or smoke inside of the Buddhist temple.
• When entering a temple do not step on the door threshold.
• Never touch the Buddha images and other things in the temple because these are considered sacred.